Dr. Pearl Kupe is an attorney, Social dialogue & Transformational leadership expert, Executive Coach and International advisor to various governments, International organizations and world leaders. She is a former Corporate executive for Transnet, Africa’s largest transport & logistics company. She is a former UN Social Dialogue Specialist with the ILO, International Labour Organization and worked to establish peace and set up dispute resolution institutions in the SADC region. Her current responsibilities include, amongst others: Senior Fellow at GILPP, the Geneva Institute of Leadership and Public Policy. Board member of Acts Higher Education International Council (India), African Women Leaders Forum Honorary Executive Committee and Made In Africa International Committee.

She is the International President of Global Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, a movement which networks women entrepreneurs from all over the world. In its short time of existence, it’s established a presence in a number of nations around the world, including the USA, the UK and several African nations.

GFWE believes that when women are adequately informed and included in the areas of investment, trade and finance, they will be an asset for the good of all. The objectives are achieved through:


  1. – Training, equipping and networking women from around the globe, and Africa in particular, in entrepreneurship.
  2. – Interrogating entrepreneurial options for women that can be accessed through innovative means;
  3. – Ensuring women are a part of the 21st-century innovation and technological trend.
  4. – Giving back Initiatives through humanitarian and community development projects


Pearl is also the Founding International President of The Deborahs 972, a group of Christian women lawyers who stand for righteousness and justice and represent the vulnerable and disadvantaged in communities.

Pearl has the honour of being a recipient of a number of international & continental awards including: the African Woman Living legacy award (Business & Enterprise), the Pioneering SADC Women award & SA Influential Women 2019 & SA Influential Woman 2022 and the 2022 UnAshamedly Ethical Award for Righteousness and Justice.

Pearl is a Kingdom activist who believes in community development, transformation and social action. She functions with an Apostolic and Prophetic grace